Teran. A world where the very land stirs with spirits, where the wild seas keep countries apart for all but the most powerful, where the gods hear the voices that cry unto them and answer. A world in upheval. Once, men walked the land who tamed the spirits, reshaping the wild fae with word and the force of their own devotion to their people to serve others. Once, powerful priests and priestesses who were gifted with the voices of their gods walked the land and ensured the delicate balance was kept, nurturing the fledgeling free races, making them strong.

Once. Those times are no more.

In the wake of the sorcerer king Orescalron’s attempts to subjugate the lesser people of the lands of Doraman and Lesare, faith in those who protected the sacred balance of Teran broke, and a growing mistrust of the old one’s priests and the shamen who walked with spirits led to widespread massacres. Save for in small, sheltered villages and hidden places, those who are spirit-marked are slain in infancy, and those who speak the words of the Sooa, the old ones, are driven off or put to the blade.

With their servants dwindling, faith in them waining or turning to bitter hatred, the Sooa could do little to shape the land they had nurtured. The world itself has been unraveling, destabilizing, bit by bit, the spirits that are keepers of the world’s life and vitality itself uncontrolled and sometimes even broken by those fearing the return of another Orescalron. An attempt was made to create a temporary balance, a bloodline among one of the world’s people gifted with part of a power to hold these strengths in balance. Unknowing what they were, beyond sacred leaders among their people, this bloodline lived on quietly, slowing the unraveling of the threads of their world.

That balance has been broken, the world teters. A push either way could reshape Teran forever, or destroy it, changing the very weft of reality in the loom of Creation itself.

This is where the world stands. This is where you begin. A little piece of a great puzzle you have never heard or seen, a simple soul with no greater ambition than survival, and perhaps peace.

Unraveling Threads