Davindahl du Adamah

An ambitious and charismatic leader


Appearance: Heigth: 5’6 Weight: 140 Build: Slight, lithe Eyes: leaf green, toning towards dark jade Hair: black, midlength Skin: pale olive to deep olive, depending. Generally pale olive. Attractive in a way that leans towards beautiful. Slight earpoints hint at his ancestry as much as the green eyes.

Bloodlines: Human, Elven, Dryad, Fae

Primary Powers: —Lenasorente, five element focus: Can control fae of the spirit, earth, water, fire, and air types.

—Sooasa-do’eth: “stolen priestcraft.” Familiar with a number of ceremonies to the Sooa, Davindahl is capable of using a limited amount of priestly power without actually being a part of the worship of the Celyn.

—Magecraft of assorted type

—Voice of the Fae: Davindahl has strengthened his weak Otherborn bloodline to the point that he is capable of using the speach of high Fae, a beautiful, musical speach with mild enchanting properties, universally understandable, and more persuasive to the lesser fae themselves.

Racial Abilities:

Dryad Blood: —Dryad’s Touch: There is a mild chemical exuded by dryads, beyond their control, that has mild healing properties. However, it also washes other sentient creatures with a kind of sleepy euphoria. Repeated exposure renders one a mindless slave, referred to as “Devoted”.

—Sun’s Caress: Sunlight strengthens him, offering temporary nourishment along with increasing his natural healing rate.

—Woodland’s Embrace: Green and growing things naturally have a mild affinity to they of dryad blood. More, living wood’s affinity is so strong that one with such a touch may either slip into or through it, or absorb, temporarily, items made of this substance, so long as living tissue remains in them.

Faerie Blood: This is what gives Davindahl his claim to being “Otherborn.”

—Faerie affinity: The nature spirits of the land are attracted to Otherborn by the echo of their blood. Control must be learned, of course. Otherwise, the spirits go out of control, directed only by intensity of emotion.


Davindahl du Adamah is a man around whom tales flock. He has existed for over a millenia in the land’s history, a symbol for the beligured Otherborn, a warrior and mage who sought to carve out a place in the land where his people, if a people born of mixed blood and strange dreams could be called a people, could live, safe from the purges that spread over the land after the reign of Orescalron.

Some say he has been many men, who all took up the name, each a secret apprentice elevated to become the next Fairy Lord when the current one faded. Others say he holds the blood of gods in his veins, and still others that he has, through secret arts, prolongued his life unnaturally. Some even believe he is merely a tale, a spook to frighten children, a figurehead behind which the rogue groups of Otherborn who escape death at the hands of their villages hide when they enact raids and punishments.

The people of the Warren see him as a prophet and guide, a protector and guardian. He is exaulted among them, more than a leader. A man who preaches not of the gods, but of the power they themselves hold within, of their blood’s ancient purpose, and of how, with perseverance, they will make the land anew. A place they can live openly, instead of huddled in the few small mountain villages and the underground complexes Davin keeps for now.

Davindahl is a man possessed of a quiet grace, a fluid efficiency of motion that only adds to that odd sense of otherworldly beauty about him. When he was young and first gathering his following, striving in the names of his sister and his beloved to make a place in the world where Otherborn could dwell, he understood people well, and could easily sympathise. He continues to speak well, but that comprehension has slipped over the centuries, so emotional response is often more based on vague pattern recognition than real feeling. He is controlled, perfectly controlled to the point of serenity, most of the time, though quite capable of passionate rhetoric to stir the masses.

He is wise in his governance and alliances, and when he can control his ‘subjects’, adept at marshalling troups and winning over others. His spy networks spread through the larger cities of Doraman, and many unknowingly trade for his people’s crafts, now that the Warren is well-established.

Davindahl considers himself a champion of the downtrodden, a messiah who will right the wrongs of the world. And in many ways, he is. His people shelter their own. They care for the pureblood humans who will strike alliances with them, as rare as these are, and as carefully as these connections must be handled. There are not exactly teachings of acceptance of the brutalities inflicted on their kind, and many have lost family, loved ones, or simply trust in the purebloods due to what was done to others. Simply attempts to rein these in on their own part, where possible. They are keepers of old knowledge, and their hidden kingdom is more stable than the known one beyond the mountains.

He is also a man who ruins the women he loves, whether he would or no, for he knows no way to keep the drug of his touch from slowly destroying their minds and will not swear to celebacy. He has striven for long centuries to claim the Lady Rhyedeen, once because she was a kinswoman, his sister’s daughter, but now for the strength she would offer to his cause. He set in motion the slaying of the Daughters of Vasan, and attempted to capture one of them to get a child on, to create a prophecied child of the five bloodlines who could reshape the world. The result, Michael, has yet to show any such powers, though there are many ways to reshape a world.

Davindahl du Adamah

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