Sih (breath): Air spirits.

There are the fragile Sih’leh (soft sigh of admiration), barely more than a breath, though easily mastered and even more easily sapped for their essence,

The Sih’soo’hs (of the breath of life), are able to master up to a man-sized amount of air, who often manifest as wavering forms of whirling dust.

Sih’ah’ava (Roughly translates to ‘proginator of breaths) rarely manifest at all, and might sweep through a village in a rush of destruction for their own amusement, or catch ships and rend their sails from their masts as a joke. Or they might mimic the speach of men, cast sands to illusion, sing with bird’s voices, snatch away sheets from clotheslines… all mattering on the shifts of their capricious moods. They are fascinated most by human emotion, especially the amplified emotions of the Otherborn, which can shape their caprice. The pain of a strong soul has lead to the destruction of cities, the joy of such a one to mad choruses, or sudden destruction, or even stranger happenings.


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