The Chosen of the Celyn are practicioners of Sooasa who are gifted with a small part of one of the gods and work as their agent, putting their Celyn’s interests before their own. It takes a deep faith and special factors determined by the Celyn itself to make a Chosen.

Sa’avarallen The Stormlord, Lord of Life and the Divine Spark: Faith, a good singing voice, kindness or a strong desire to either serve life or serve him personally

Varuu Lord of Darkness, Lady of Death, the Shadow’s Embrace: Faith, personal beauty (usually typified by black hair, fine features, grace, and fair skin), ‘wholeness of body’—must not be missing any part of the body.

Taraneth Lady of the Depths, the Hidden, Womb of the Earth: Faith, sensitivity to the Earth itself

Andel The Dreamer, Giver of Visions, The Eternal Singer: A flaw in perception and a sensitivity to the Song of Reality, a desire for clarity

Kssataien Lord of the Flame, The Burning one: Faith, grace, and a certain wildness of temperment

Lua’aien Lady of the Waters, Keeper of the Eternal Watch: Faith, grace, beauty and wholeness of form.

Valasain (Defunct.)

Terrandelen Three-Visaged Lord of Balance: Technically not permitted Chosen, only works through lesser priests.


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