Chosen of the Lady of Light

The Chosen of the Lady of Light are the hand-picked representatives of the Lady Rhyedeen.

Current Chosen:

Zan: Rai’s betrothed. He no longer remembers her or is able to consciously tap her powers, but once served as her sworn protector and still possesses a part of her soul.

Miteka Zai desi Zan: The daughter of Rai’s fiancee. A young sorceress who specializes in item creation, illusion, and transmutive spells.

Michael du Davindahl_:Mareeahu, as he is called by her, is a warrior mage and the Fairy Lord’s general. He is her main ally and spy in the Warren, and a sworn protector.

*: A prince among his people, he is currently thought dead. Rai intends to limit his dealings in Teran as much as possible and set him up to further her following in his own homeland.

Halasi deni Hwila: Halasi is one of the chief healers in the Warren. She has been claimed to serve as Rhyedeen’s high priestess among the people of Taren.

bold= not my character.

Chosen of the Lady of Light

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