Chosen of the Rhyedeen

Aka, Chosen of the Lady of Light

The Chosen of Rhyedeen are the personally selected priests of the Lady of Light, a minor goddess of balance, life, and storms. They are bound to her, possessing a small part of her soul bound in with their own. They possess a strong healing ability, some power over plants, weather-control capability, access to Rhyedeen’s personal realm, and can communicate with one another and the Lady herself through this link. They also are harder to harm and slightly more resiliant against direct mind control by any but the Lady herself, who can possess their bodies at will.

Their Sign manifests as an odd silver that shows in the blood, evident when they are injured. During possession by the Lady herself, the eyes pick up some of the Lady’s color as well.

The Lady of Light: Rhyedeen desi Sa’avarallen deni Saranelle su Duadra nai’Celyn

Past Chosen: Zan—Half-demon mercenary and former fiancee of Rhyedeen. Currently a roofer in the midwest. Mun: Zan

Current Chosen: Miteka Zai desi Zan (aka Christina Zahn)—Rhyedeen’s adoptive daughter. The natural-born child of the half-demon mercenary Zan and the human priestess Kaze Mai. Sorceress.

Michael du Davindahl (aka Mareeahu)—Davindahl du Adamah’s trueborn son by the Marukai Aahreehtseeh. Warrior, Lenasorente, and mage.

Akizu (Aka Rh’lun)—Second son of the Emerald Queen of Tanado’Oh, a prince of the proud dragonfly people. Mun: Nau

Halasi deni Hwila (aka: Hala)—The craft-daughter of the Otherborn healer Hwila. Healer, low level lenasorente, officially Rhyedeen’s high priestess in Teran.

Chosen of the Rhyedeen

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