Domari Waste

The Domari Waste, also referred to simply as “The Waste,” is a 100 mile wide swath of blasted land that has consumed a good third of the Domari Forest. It extends from the source of the Rh’den River down through its course, a ruinous place of fine gray dust like ash, skeletal trees, the barren bones of any creature foolish enough to venture in, and wasted remnants of once thriving cities. Along the banks of the Rh’den, verdant growth cups the waters, huddled near. It ends abruptly where the dust begins, and few have seen it. The life within death remains a legend amongst the Domari.

It is said the land is poisoned, that there is a deathly silence that hangs over it like a pall, that naught but thin mists that burn ever come from it. Winds stir the ashen land now and again, and their wailing is said to be like that of a death-rattle, the collective exhilation of the Waste’s victims.

It has existed for a thousand and thirty-four years. Tales speak that it was created when Saranelle, the mother of the Lady of Light and one of the Stormlord’s Chosen, was killed, its eternal hunger a lasting vengance for the mortal woman a very god had loved. To this day, to step into the Wastes is to feel one’s very life sapped from them, to be drained of vitality and made one with the stirring ashes. Nothing, not even the most virulent weed, will grow there. Yet at the heart of this barren wasteland, the Lady’s river flows. A single sip of that water, yea, a drop, as tale would have it, can cure any ill. Yet one would have to reach the shining river hid within this deadly land to know if the tales spoke true or not.

In truth, the Wastes were created by the Lady of Light herself, horrified at what had been done to her mother. The destruction that rained on Duadra and the lands beyond it were called by four year old Rhyedeen’s pained cry to her father, and the blind agony in her young heart was bound to the very land, her mother’s blood and her own pain making a power no child should ever know. She herself does not understand what was done, nor that she herself did it. She was led to believe it was her father’s vengance, for Sa’avarallen felt the child would never be able to bear the knowledge it was she who worked this destruction.

Domari Waste

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