In Teran, Dryads are beautiful nature spirits in coporeal form who tend forests. Much like their counterparts in Greek myth, Teran Dryads are bound to an oak that echos their life force, and will protect their woodland areas.

Standing between 4’4 and 5’4, dryads resemble lithe and small Elven maidens, save that their ears are curious, a touch frilled like the edge of an oak leaf. Their hair varies from the green-gold of new willow boughs in spring to the rich green-black of pine needles in winter. Their skin tones vary from delicately olive to the hue of the inner pith of grass stems, darkening slightly in sunlight, growing paler in moonlight. Their eyes are invariably hues of green. A light, sweet scent of leaves clings to them, and if they bother with clothing at all, they are more likely to wear living vines and blossoms than cloth, even if given such gifts by admirers.

Dryad’s laughter is said to be like the sweet sound of waters laughing over pebbles, and their voices soothing and gentle as a songbird’s warbling. They possess a mild gift with healing, though it must be used sparringly on the children of Men, least their minds be lost to the euphoric drug in their touch. They can interbreed with humans and elven folk, but rarely choose to, as the resultant children age as their fathers would have, keep the touch, and are a responsibility most would not care for.

Those who lose themselves to Dryad lovers become mindless slaves referred to as “Devoted.” Their existance becomes a matter of wishing to experience the pleasure in that drug ever on her skin, and to gain this, they will do anything asked. They must be commanded to care for themselves, and will refuse her nothing. Anything of personality or purposful thought is gone in the end. They age more slowly than usual creatures of their kind, and can serve the dryad well as protectors and servants. It is a matter of personal taste, really, if the dryad chooses to do this or not, though the matter is told enough in tales that any man mad enough to give himself to a dryad as a lover knows what to expect.

Plants heed the commands of dryads as readily as her Devoted do. She can temporarily awaken plants to mobility, urge them to entangle, heal them of their ills, preserve them beyond their time, and race them to maturity.

A dryad lives as long as her tree endures. How new dryads themselves are produced is something even they will not tell you.


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