The Elves of Teran refer to themselves always in plural, as “Elven,” for, as they say it, “We are interconnected, as the stars to the sky we are bound one in another, and never, even if one, alone.”

They are tall and graceful, averaging between 5’11 and 7’0. Fine-featured, slighter in build than humans, and often quite beautiful, their skin tends to be fair. Eyes vary from garnet reds to new minted gold through cool blacks and all the hues between, green and brown seen as the most fortuitous. Hair varies from snowy white through midnight black, though silvers, blondes, and light browns are the most common. Rarely, red or faint golden-green will manifest, though the last is generally seen as a sign of distant dryad blood. Again, brown is seen as fortuitous, as the hue of the living earth. Black is seen as unfortunate, for its association with Death.

The Elven of Taren are mildly telepathic. However, as such communication is said to leave the heart bare, there are strict social protocols for how it is approached and where it is permissable. Many tend towards strong empathy as well, making it uncomfortable to be among groups without a dampener to limit their own sensitivities. Their magics are spoken of as “persuasions,” as though they would convince the earth to tell her secrets, or stones to show their memories of light, or the very clouds to spill the precious water they carry. Music, dance, word, signs, and ‘sympathies’ are used in casting. Those who use song are called “bardic mages,” they who use ritualistic gesture with step “spelldancers,” they who use word and sign simply mages of the Word, and ‘Sympathies’ are the most curious sect, ones who use a subset of telepathy to urge the desired effect from other things.

Their own natural telepathy is considered a type of shared “sympathy.”

In their oldest tales, it is said the Elven were once immortal guardians of their world. However, due to something they dismiss as “pride” to outsiders, they fell, and now know age and decay, as haunt the lives of Humans and Marukai. It is a slow descent, for they average four to five hundred years in age, but they slowly wear down, hair losing color, skin losing elasticity, eyes losing brightness. However, in age, Sympathies grow stronger. It is claimed among them that the moment of death, in an Elven who has been allowed to live their life full, it is more a matter of the individual’s Sympathy fading into the heart of the ‘starry sky,’ disappating their ‘light’ and deserting the fragile, mortal husk that once held them.


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