“Lenasol” is the Devanarii term for the mageries enacted by the shaman-like Lenasorente, who can control the Fae with command and purposeful emotional influence to do their bidding.

The term is derived from “Lena”, or “fae,” which in turn is derived from “Le na” or “beloved one.” Technically, the term translates out to “Eminance of the Beloved Ones.” It is seen as a kind of appeasement, to refer to spirits of power as “beloved,” as though implications of tender affection would hold back their wrath. Lenasorente breaks down into “ordering of the held beloved ones.”

Lenasol must have a great deal of control over their emotions to be effective. Too much intensity of feeling makes the fae overeager, while a complete lack of expression bores them and loosens their ties. Lenasol form bonds to their fae through a special process that involves giving the spirit a Name, then using the bonds of that name as a basis for order. They can either then go on to direct the fae to affect their own element, or use the fae’s Influence to power effects related to that element. Mixing of types requires a trained cooperation between fae of different types.

Lenasol must either be Otherborn or have some charm to fake the patterns that attract Fae. Directing the Fae is generally done in the elemental languages, though they can be trained to Devanarii or Common.

It is a skill based on personal force and persuasion. Fae cannot be manhandled. Fae cannot be threatened. Their curiousity and longing to experience human emotion can be used, their vanity can be used, but there is no way to clumsily force a fae. It is a dangerous art, and how could holding a living typhoon or an earthquake that deigns to simply rest not be?

There are five Paths of Lenasorente: *Air *Earth *Fire *Water *Spirit (the Fifth)

Elemental languages are often used in controls, though there are bonds that can be forged that permit orders or empowerment without command. Individual fae can be trained. Unlike “wild” fae, they are Named, and bear a kind of rough loyalty to their trainer. The process of Naming is a sort of bond forged between Lenasol and fae, the gift of a Name making the word a bond to the faerieblood themself. The names are usually in elemental tongues, though if they can produce the sound themselves, they will accept other names. These are “Bound” Fae.

Control of a “bound” fae can be wrested from a weaker Lenasol by a stronger or more potent one, sometimes temporarily, sometimes for good. Temporary control can surpass the ‘bond’ even without their name, while taking the spirit requires the name itself.

Each Path of Lenasorente either a) draws off the fae, or b) directs it. The first is a syphoning for light ceremonial magic, the second a fine-tuning of the spirits’ natural abilities, given form in effect.


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