Lesare is, in name, the lands from the Lesare mountains to the western coast, down to the southern coastlands incorporating the Lesare Forest.

However, the human-controlled region is limited to the Lesare Mountains through the plainslands beyond. The forest is controlled by the reclusive Elven people, who have little concern for whoever claims to own their land, though they will on occasion engage in trade with them, as long as they are otherwise left in peace. The Lesare forest is also where Dryads tend to dwell. The Domari swamps grew far too hostile for them.

The Lesare Mountains, in their highest reaches, are the only part of the continent of Doraman to experience snow. The plainslands undergo dry and wet intervals, but do not fall into a true winter.

The mountains are the main source of copper and iron on the continent, along with zinc. Bronze and pure iron are highly valued, not only for weapons properties, but for the creation of protective charms to ward the land’s spirits. The most valuable currencies are bronze, most others a quartz-based crystal also mainly found in this area.

It is almost ironic that this area that produces some of the most potent charms against fae is mainly controlled by Otherborn under the leadership of the Fairy Lord.

Products of the plains include grains, specific roots and grasses, leathers, prepared meats of rudiments, certain wools and fibrous plants, and horses. There are costal areas where some harvest of sea matters can be managed, however, these are not as heavily populated as those in the Doraman half of the continent.


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