Olharen are perhaps the strangest of the ‘races’ of Teran, not really a proper race at all, but like Otherborn, created through influence of a mortal being.

Olharen are created through the magical altration of a woman, her soul bound in with the spirit of a Ta’amdel, one of the powerful Fae of the Fifth, formed as a mortal child within her, then reborn as her own offspring. The resultant child contains both the Fae and the woman’s soul in its body, and the mother’s original body dies. The resultant child can be male or female, and Olharen can breed true, though this is a kind of fissioning of the originals, and rarely done.

The resultant offspring is shorter than the original mother, for, magically speaking, it is only half-enfleshed. Mind, the size difference is not proportionate, a five foot tall mother would not produce a two and a half foot tall Olharen. It is a small difference, usually a few finger joints, no more than a hand. The appearance has some variance as well. Each Ta’amdel holds a particular ‘color’, relating to the kinds of impulses and sensations that ‘feed’ it, or give it something akin to temporary coporeality and meaning. This ‘color’ manifests on the Olharen as a pair of wings in that hue. Olharen wings are always singly colored.

Though swift to maturity, Olharen linger in relative youth, able to stay at their physical peak for over a millenia. They may choose to age further if they wish to. Some do, as a matter of intellectual curiousity. The true lifespans of Olharen are unknown to outsiders, for they live apart and rarely take interest beyond the lands they keep.

Olharen are…other. It is hard to really explain their reactions and actions to outsiders. They are wholly concerned with themselves, and seek to achieve the Elven ideal of perfection, which is a completeness unto itself so throughly that perfect inaction can be held. They hold the concept of Sooa in disdain, for anything they would see truly worthy of worship would not necessitate mortal shells to act through, nor would it openly have to act at all, its very radiance simply shaping the world as it would.


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