There are other continents in Teran, as well as some island territories. However, due to the difficulty of travel between them, talk of such things is seen almost as mytical as talk of underworlds and afterlives.

The Isle of Dre’sailu is inhabited by the olharen, a powerful and beautiful race of magically altered elves who do not concern themselves with matters beyond their own betterment and their islands’ shores.

To’sau is inhabited by little, dark people similar to the humans who have colonized and spread throughout Doraman. They still follow the Sooa there, though the land itself is not so plagued by nature spirits.

De’garein is inhabited by fair-complected humans who mainly concern themselves with martial lore and research. With more natural resources to construct charms that disable the fae, they have fewer issues, but also, living things do not do so well there. It is somewhat dirtied from heavy mining and low-tech industry. Somewhat ironic, as its name means “The green lands.” There are vague strains of De’garein blood still evident in the nobility of Doraman, though eyes out of the brown and black range and hair more bold than light coppery brown have been weeded out.

Se’lurei is inhabited by elven people.


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