The Otherborn are humans bearing Fae blood. These can be divided into common Otherborn and the “Dreamborn.”

The “Dreamborn” are the random children who are birthed from time to time in villages with strong Fae influence. It is said their mothers, some of whom have never even known a man before, experience dreams of exquisite beauty when these children are concieved, the sign that they have been chosen by the spirits of the Fifth to bear special children. Or ‘ill favored’ children, depending on who you speak to. Common Otherborn are the children of these Dreamborn, conceived in more regular ways, whose fairy blood still manifests.

These children are marked by curious coloration, such as blue eyes, or scarlet tresses, or moonlight silver skin. The typical Domari type is dark-skinned, dark-haired, and brown or black eyed. Fairy mark can vary from hazel eyes to something as extreme as silver-blue hair and skin that glimmers like sea-sands. None are certain just what determines the extremity of the markings.

Their curious looks aren’t what draws fear from the common folk, though. That comes of the affinity they bear to the fae that exist as a part of nature itself. These intelligent elemental forces flock to Otherborn, drawn by strong emotions. With training, an Otherborn can be a powerful kind of shaman, using Content Not Found: lenasorente to direct the fae in ways that can benefit the land. Without, they hold the potential to, in fear or grief, call to their village wild storms and horrible destruction.


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