the Celyn

The Celyn, also known as the “Seven” and, among the people of Taren, the “Sooa,” which roughly comes out to “wakeful ones”, are worshipped in several worlds. Each represents a certain class of powers. Also called Old Ones, these primal powers are drawn from by powerful beings who in themselves are considered lesser “gods” in other lands. Each is possessed of a personality colored by their followers. Each is bound by what they refer to as the “Covenant” to keep them from meddling with the solidarity of worlds and reality itself without working through the beings who will be most affected by such things.

As such, though their powers and potentials can run through matters that can stabilize or even reshape realities, they must be directed by outsiders. Chosen priests, lesser worshippers familiar with their ceremonies, even, unfortunately, pretenders who are able to use stolen priestcraft to their own ends. The Celyn have a little wiggle-room…they can give their priests (the Sooasa) hints as to what will pass. To a point, they can work through the bodies of their Chosen, though the duration of this is limited by the vessel’s strength and certain sensitive matters simply cannot be touched by them even in this somewhat indirect manner.

For the most part, the Sooa attempt to assist in supporting the solidarity of realities, offering their strength to mortals to allow them to protect, guide, and shape their worlds around them. They are strengthened by this sharing, through the worship given by the mortals they aid. There are exceptions, but as far as most are concerned, they are a single purpose in manifold form, meant to work together to support the whole.

Their symbol is a six-petaled flower, the seventh element suggesting whichever Celyn is worshipped there, and more, the results of the whole being an intrinsic part of each.

Sa’avarallen Sa’aln, The Stormlord, Lord of Life and the Divine Spark:
Sa’aln is the Spark of Life, the force most aligned with beginnings. He is associated with Light and Dawn, the First Breath, and devastation-wracking storms. His followers are healers who spread knowledge of how to maintain health, nurturers who care for plants, and, in rare cases, people who focus on harnessing and redirecting the destructive power of storms. His followers are referred to as He’nan (He’nai is the feminine term) Devanarii for “Guide”, and in most cultures, are sworn to pacifism. “Life before self, inner light before life, and no light is beyond redemption save he who would quench the light that endures beyond death” is his creed.

Varuu Varuule of Moonbright, Varuulen of Moondark, Lord of Darkness, Lady of Death, the Shadow’s Embrace:
Varuule is the gentle aspect of death who provides guidance to souls and protects sleepers from the little death that is inherant in rest. She is the final resting place, the gateway to new beginnings, the final end. Varuulen, conversely, is the embodiment of violent death, the master of the hungry shadows that seek to sap the vitality of the living, vengance and the hidden dangers that seek to destroy all that is bright. Varuu is both in one, simultaneously, Lord and Lady. Their priests are called Le (Len in the masculine), or “Beloved”, to suggest that they are held dear by this force. Varuule’s priests balance the world of spirits and that of the living, helping those who seek final rest. They also serve as protectors of a sort, calling death to the enemies of the people. Varuulen’s priests are complicated, serving as divinely touched warriors. Some will actually use shades of the dead as servants. Some amount to contract killers. Their driving force is vengance in some form or another, and they are much rarer than Varuule’s worshippers.

Taraneth Ta’neth, Lady of the Depths, the Hidden, Womb of the Earth: The Lady Ta’neth is the force and potential of the earth itself, both as its ability to hold vegetable growth and its mineral wealth. Dualistic, she is both the nurturing womb and the hidden death that waits, in accident and tremor.

Andel Su’andel, The Dreamer, Giver of Visions, The Eternal Child: The Dreamer is the spirit of dreams and visions. Through the eternal child passes the Song of Reality itself, the patterns of what was, is, and will become, the matter of dreams and fancies, the pure potential within men, and the secrets of what slow rot waits for all life. Where entropy is natural, it remains a part of the song, where it has been rushed or should not be, it produces ‘breaks’ in the purity of that music that is the Child. The priests of Andel are called Dreamers, and true priests are barely aware of the world around them. These are served by acolytes who care for their needs, record their prophecies, and do ceremony to help clarify the song for the Dreamers.

Kssataien Kss’aien, Lord of the Flame, The Burning one:

Lua’aien Lu’en, Lady of the Waters, Keeper of the Eternal Watch:

Valasain (Defunct.)

Terrandelen Te’len, Three-Visaged Lord of Balance: A lesser Celyn created after the binding and unnaming of Valasain, in the wake of the birth of [:rai|Rhyedeen] by the mingling and division of part of Varuulen, Taraneth, and Andel. His purpose is to serve the purposes of his progenitors and, with the openings ceremony might provide, assist in strengthening the solidarity of realities with items and matters that can provide greater balance.

the Celyn

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