The Warren

The Warren is the sanctuary the Fairy Lord has established, building on over the centuries, for his followers. It is a series of interconnected underground complexes, fae-hewn caverns, and natural caverns, in an area that naturally attracts fae. In many parts of the Warren, time runs strangely for the inhabitants. Though of human stock, many have known over a century of life and look no more than in their thirties. Children grow slowly, unless given time outside the Warren periodically. Things spoil slowly.

This hive of caves and hidden rooms were based on an abandoned temple to Lu’aien, which is likely where the effect began, as her priests held the secret rites to move the course of time itself. Davindahl likely purposefully increased this effect.

Few parts of the Warren ever see natural light. There are actually individuals who haven’t seen the sun since they came to live there. Admittedly, many of these have become afraid of the surface world and refuse to leave the shelter they have found there, but some simply do not have the time, occupied with their own tasks. The Warren, after all, is a vast underground metropolis. Like a true den, it has multiple hidden entrances and exits. The walls tend to be richly decorated to make up for the lack of natural light, artists among them paint, weave, and carve beautiful decorations to detract from where they are. Davindahl himself has painted some of the more masterful ceilings and false windows. Living quarters are divided for family units, unmarried women, unmarried men, children and nurses, and those who have special arrangements due to their profession or place in the Warren itself. For lighting, glows in the Elven style are used more often than torches or candles in common areas, for soot would linger in the complex. Heating is a mixture of firestones and true fires, with extensive work done to filter out smoke and contain flame itself. There are special arrangements in the smithies and kitchens to allow for fire spirits being kept here and there. There are two natural underground water sources that are tapped and channeled for Warren use, as well as extensive efforts to keep wastes cleaned and contained to specific areas.

Really, compared to a surface city, the Warren is a masterwork.

The Warren is stocked in food with a combination of efforts. Some fungi and limited livestock are kept in the complex itself. More proper crops are grown in certain subsurface areas where carefully hidden accesses to the surface make ‘windows’, and cunning devices rechannel gathered rainwater to help keep these alive. But room here is limited, choices must be careful in crops. Grain would be wasteful, considering, legumes and root vegetables more common. Matters that can be grown upward towards the light, or matters whose produce sinks down into the carefully tended soil. Occasionally these areas are lost to threat of discovery, spoiling a season’s work. This is avoided whenever possible.

Some livestock is kept in hidden areas that can provide for it. Trade is done for other matters with allied villages, or in some cases with the people of larger cities, though most of these aren’t actually aware of who they are trading with.

Some of the Warren are purebloods who came with their otherborn children or relations. Much of the skill training there was to be gotten came from these and the mothers who didn’t break, the occasional Otherborn who hid their nature well enough for many years rounding matters out. There is a tradition of adopting in children to one’s craft group, and these often take the name of their mentor as parent-name. After all, not all of them even know who their mothers were, many have no mortal father, and tracing by lineage in a place like that hardly works. Trades are important, to produce matters to obtain raw materials with without having to rely on raids and forced tributes. As alliances aboveground spread, stocks are easier to maintain in the Warren. However, the craft-alliances are just part of life now.

Trade in known skills among the Warrendwellers is frequent, a kind of currency. Knowledge is a similar coin. There are no technical classes, yet some fall to more menial labor by nature. If discontented, there is always room to apply for apprenticeship or show one’s abilities elsewhere, yet some are happy to simply earn their share in cooking, or cleaning, or tending children who haven’t been moved to one of the safe villages temporarily. Some choose not to, there have been unfortunate incidents when ‘safe’ villages were raided by Jeranite zealots. Training in control is mandatory. Bronze is shared and passed on by default, heirlooms have no meaning when it is the difference between keeping a treasure and keeping a young one from getting angry and losing a part of the complex to it. It would probably surprise purebloods to know just how many wards against themselves the Warrendwellers keep for training.

The Warren

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