Lind: The Lind are water spirits, Leselet (derived from Le (beloved) and Se’leh (parting sigh) ) delicate creatures who stir at at the water’s surface, barely able to control more than a handful. These often take delicate shapes like tiny women, or fluttering bits of light and shivering liquid almost like wings of butterflies. They hold a small amount of influence over air as well, so they can move away from bodies of water.

Lind’eh’rasu: (roughly translates to ‘tear-born’) There are old tales of the Lind’eh’rasu being born of tears shed in deepest woe. They are weak, barely capable of supporting more than a child’s mass of water, and favor the forms of the People of Teran, made wild and strange by their fancies. Their voices are the voices of rain and rill o’er stone, though they can sometimes, rarely, speak in the tones of the People, always sounding as though one weeping.

Lind’su’ahl: Stronger version of the tear-born. Always capable of speach.

Lind’ava: (proginator of waters) The most powerful of the water spirits, capable of controlling vast amounts of water, possessed of strange and mutable natures. These are what make the seas unnavigatable, for somehow they take offense to vessels on their waters unless handled just so. They take great pleasure in the forms they know from whispers in the water, and will often create for themselves fabulous shapes to reflect the beings in their depths as much as the beings above who stir their waters. These often associate with the feminine, when controlled, and also can manage the strange, rippling, teary voices their lesser counterparts can use, but prefer their own curious tongue.


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